Site Moved

So I’ve been slacking on my updates as of late. The largest factor contributing to this is of course my laziness, and then the fact that wordpress wanted me to update something non-stop.

In comes Squarespace and sweeps me off my feet. It makes everything pretty simple, no updating unless I want to. Everything from themes, to widgets, to links are all handle with an easy interface that never takes you away from your site.

Anyways, enough plugging, I hope you like the new site as much as I’m going to like updating/using it myself. 🙂

The Fixer …

I’ve fixed a few things I found that broke in the site transition (I’m sure more remain but I’m lazy) but I’m busy. 🙂 I’ve been working like crazy lately, which I guess with the unemployment rate so high is a good thing. On weekends it does make me a sad panda though. 🙁

sad panda :(
sad weekend working panda 🙁

Users Transfered

If you had an account on your account should be transferred over now (minus profile stuff – sorry). Anyhoo, let me know if you have issues logging in or anything. 🙂

Operation Consolidation

I’ve closed and I’m working on making this site a bit multi-user as well as moving users over. I’ve changed some things and some things doing go as smooth as I thought the would, some things are AWOL, but perhaps I can revive them. Anyways I should have everything ready to rock-n-roll soon so don’t be sad pandas. 🙂