The essay of doom!

So, I’ve been working toward perhaps going back to school. I’ve now been excepted but before I can actually “enroll” I must first complete this stupid essay, the essay of doom. 🙁 I have no idea why schools do things like this (an essay was part of the application also — and I’ve been excepted so my writting can’t be that bad).

I guess I just don’t understand why schools choose to base things on an essay written on a subject nobody, I would guess, cares anything about. I see education as a way to better ones self, to learn new things that interest them. I feel the “system” is designed in a way that the result is much different. It’s just a shame …

sad panda
I’m a sad panda

The Fixer …

I’ve fixed a few things I found that broke in the site transition (I’m sure more remain but I’m lazy) but I’m busy. 🙂 I’ve been working like crazy lately, which I guess with the unemployment rate so high is a good thing. On weekends it does make me a sad panda though. 🙁

sad panda :(
sad weekend working panda 🙁