The Jesus Pad

So I finally got to touch an iPad the other day, at work no-less. I originally thought the iPad was just going to be a larger iPod Touch, it’s more then that.

Like with many Apple products is sleek and sexy, it’s also really light. Since I only had a few minutes with the Jesus Pad I wanted to check as many things as I could out, before handing it back. First thing that came to mind was Safari, so I fired it up. I have to say that just the web page or two that I looked at look great on this thing. It’s all the joy of touching around websites in the palm of your hand, only on a much larger scale with less pinching or double tapping to see things correctly. Sites also seemed a bit sharper then on my iPhone, no doubt due to the better screen on the iPad.

Next up was the iBook reader. So I launch it and find Winnie the Pooh for my reading pleasure. Again the words are nice and sharp and the work done to make it look like a book are pretty amazing. If you hold it up and down it makes it one larger page, tilt it and it becomes a sexy looking really book with a spine to divide your pages. I gotta say it blew me away a little. The app also included some basic controls you would expect; the ability to increase and decrease font size, and the ability to adjust contrast being the big two. I’m not sure about long term reading on it, but just the sexy factor have it looking so much nicer then most ebook readers.

The Google Maps app and Photos app also looked nice, but the above would be my main reasons for getting myself and iPad. Oh and the thing will run your iPhone/iTouch apps and you have the choice to run them full screen or original scale to maintain their proper resolution.

Anyways, even if your an iPad/Apple/Steve Jobs hater I think you owe it to yourself to stop by an Apple store (or Best Buy) and actually touch one of these bad boys.

Apple iPad


Roku Digital Video Player Review

I’ve been a Netflix user for several years now anyways, and I’ve come to love the service like everyone else. Now as part of my service plan I also get to use their “watch now” feature that essentially allows you to stream to your computer an ever growing number of movies and TV shows. Now don’t get me wrong this feature is wonderful, but sometimes you just want to watch it on your TV (in HD even).

Enter the Roku player. This little box, yes I do mean little, it’s only 5″ x 5″ and only 1.75″ high can be hidden most anywhere. On the back are most any audio/video connection you would need [Composite video, S-Video, Component video (Y/Pb/Pr), HDMI]. Also this little box will output in the following formats [16:9 HD (720p), 16:9 anamorphic (480p) , 4:3 standard (480i)] leaving out only the 1080i/p folks but most HD stations don’t even broadcast in them anyways.

Once you’ve figured out how your going to connect the box to your TV you have to pick how you want to connect it o your network (Internet). The Roku player comes with 2 choices, wired or wireless. The wired is pretty straight forward, and the wireless lets you use Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) with WEP, WPA, and WPA2.

Once you have it connect you just follow the on screen directions and you’ll be streaming Netflix “watch now” movies and TV on your TV in no time. As you add items to your “watch now” queue they show up in the list of available titles on the box almost immediately.

Overall I’m more then happy with it and would recommend it to anyone that likes the “watch now” feature of their Netflix subscription but has tired of watching them on the computer. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the picture quality even on my standard TV was as good if not better then the computer stream and didn’t have to stop once to buffer.