My Cuteness: A Story By Fat Cat

Here is a small group of photos that I believe represent me as a very cute feline domesticus. I of course am a lady, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m probably the cutest thing on four legs you have ever seen — far cuter then my sister [little cat]. Well, let the photo montage commence!

Fat Cat: chillaxin

When I try and relax I always have this damn human all up in my business. This upsets me a little, but I am a lady so I deal with it. I try to win this creature over with my cuteness. Below are a few action shorts of me at my cutest.

me laying out as cute as can be

extreme close up of my cute face … so cute

trying to catch some Z’s on the bed

Oh my …

Just the creatures being cute … as always. 🙂


Fat Cat being held like a baby.


Little Cat watching birds and just the window I guess.


Princess pants … aka Fat Cat the pants lay-on-er.


Almost Forgot

So the day we left cedar point we missed something that probably would have scared any of us silly. The Top Thrill Dragster got stuck perfectly @ the top!

dragster stuck

dragster stuck 

Dragster stuck at top

Dragster stuck at top 


Webcam image from Dragster


As you can see from the webcam image being stuck at the top must have been really intense. You can see a few more pics as well as read comments from the park blogger @ Cedar Point site.