Phish @ CMAC

I’m going to see Phish tonight, leaving in a matter of minutes actually! I can’t wait … that is all. 🙂

Will post a follow up of the show later perhaps.

Almost Forgot

So the day we left cedar point we missed something that probably would have scared any of us silly. The Top Thrill Dragster got stuck perfectly @ the top!

dragster stuck

dragster stuck 

Dragster stuck at top

Dragster stuck at top 


Webcam image from Dragster


As you can see from the webcam image being stuck at the top must have been really intense. You can see a few more pics as well as read comments from the park blogger @ Cedar Point site.

Cedar Point

So, this past weekend I scared the bajesus out of myself over and over again on some of the craziest coasters around. I would highly recommend it if you love to be scared and/or love roller coasters.

Anyhoo here are some pics I took as we were on our way out of the park (as I forgot all about pictures while being scared out of my mind).