The essay of doom!

So, I’ve been working toward perhaps going back to school. I’ve now been excepted but before I can actually “enroll” I must first complete this stupid essay, the essay of doom. 🙁 I have no idea why schools do things like this (an essay was part of the application also — and I’ve been excepted so my writting can’t be that bad).

I guess I just don’t understand why schools choose to base things on an essay written on a subject nobody, I would guess, cares anything about. I see education as a way to better ones self, to learn new things that interest them. I feel the “system” is designed in a way that the result is much different. It’s just a shame …

sad panda
I’m a sad panda


I’ve been a bit of slacker on post here as of late. I guess real life and the other site I’m working on take up 99% of my time. Nobody except the “sad panda” folks probably care though. 🙂

I’m really a sad panda about having to work this morning/today as now I’m going to miss the moe. show that I was hoping to make. 🙁 I’m 100% sure it’s going to be a killer show too. Oh well though I guess, at least I have a job.

Michael Jackson Traffic Jam

So by now everyone around the worlds has heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death. If you turn on a TV it completely overshadows everything else going on in the world. I guess what I found most interesting is how this has effected the internet, news sites specifically. I just read over on Slashdot about how the average responsiveness of major news sites had dropped from 100% to 86%. Now thats an awful lot of traffic.

I know the guy made an awful lot of great selling music, but I had no idea people would be so crazy about his death. I guess I figured since you didn’t hear any news of him in the US ,unless he was doing something crazy like hanging a baby over a railing, he was pretty much forgotten about. I stand corrected though.

Day 3 …

I think the sicknesss is making it’s way from my sinus cavity and into my chest. I’ve waged an all out war on it taking “multi-symptom day time softgels” by day and “multi-symptom nite time softgels” at … well … night. 🙂 Today the cowardly sickness has made a retreat to what feels like the beginning of a good foothold in my upper chest, thus causing a small outburst of coughing that got me made fun of. 🙁

The war must continue though … below is a picture of me …

sad panda
I’m a sad panda