The essay of doom!

So, I’ve been working toward perhaps going back to school. I’ve now been excepted but before I can actually “enroll” I must first complete this stupid essay, the essay of doom. 🙁 I have no idea why schools do things like this (an essay was part of the application also — and I’ve been excepted so my writting can’t be that bad).

I guess I just don’t understand why schools choose to base things on an essay written on a subject nobody, I would guess, cares anything about. I see education as a way to better ones self, to learn new things that interest them. I feel the “system” is designed in a way that the result is much different. It’s just a shame …

sad panda
I’m a sad panda

Site Moved

So I’ve been slacking on my updates as of late. The largest factor contributing to this is of course my laziness, and then the fact that wordpress wanted me to update something non-stop.

In comes Squarespace and sweeps me off my feet. It makes everything pretty simple, no updating unless I want to. Everything from themes, to widgets, to links are all handle with an easy interface that never takes you away from your site.

Anyways, enough plugging, I hope you like the new site as much as I’m going to like updating/using it myself. 🙂


I’ve been a bit of slacker on post here as of late. I guess real life and the other site I’m working on take up 99% of my time. Nobody except the “sad panda” folks probably care though. 🙂

I’m really a sad panda about having to work this morning/today as now I’m going to miss the moe. show that I was hoping to make. 🙁 I’m 100% sure it’s going to be a killer show too. Oh well though I guess, at least I have a job.

The Fixer …

I’ve fixed a few things I found that broke in the site transition (I’m sure more remain but I’m lazy) but I’m busy. 🙂 I’ve been working like crazy lately, which I guess with the unemployment rate so high is a good thing. On weekends it does make me a sad panda though. 🙁

sad panda :(
sad weekend working panda 🙁

Users Transfered

If you had an account on your account should be transferred over now (minus profile stuff – sorry). Anyhoo, let me know if you have issues logging in or anything. 🙂

Operation Consolidation

I’ve closed and I’m working on making this site a bit multi-user as well as moving users over. I’ve changed some things and some things doing go as smooth as I thought the would, some things are AWOL, but perhaps I can revive them. Anyways I should have everything ready to rock-n-roll soon so don’t be sad pandas. 🙂

moe. July 11, 2009

I was recently asked “what is their most famous song” when I mentioned I was going to the moe. show the other night. I wasn’t sure what song to say as I know that at least in the Syracuse, NY area (where the show was) that the radio stations don’t play moe. at all and I love most all of them.

For anyone wanting to get a taste of what moe. brings here is a track I really enjoy and was from the July 11th show I attended. The name of the track is Mexico.

As for the show it was GREAT! I had a really good time with some friends and my brother. As the band started to announce that they were going to hurry up with the encore the sky let loose and soaked everyone with a nice driving rain. 🙂

Michael Jackson Traffic Jam

So by now everyone around the worlds has heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death. If you turn on a TV it completely overshadows everything else going on in the world. I guess what I found most interesting is how this has effected the internet, news sites specifically. I just read over on Slashdot about how the average responsiveness of major news sites had dropped from 100% to 86%. Now thats an awful lot of traffic.

I know the guy made an awful lot of great selling music, but I had no idea people would be so crazy about his death. I guess I figured since you didn’t hear any news of him in the US ,unless he was doing something crazy like hanging a baby over a railing, he was pretty much forgotten about. I stand corrected though.