New Addiction?

Thanks to Kevin Rose I’ve found perhaps a new addiction. Not being part of the whole FaceBook thing (as the guy in charge is evil and you basically give away everything about yourself) I’ve missed out on the phenomenon known as FarmVille. Anyways even better now, We Rule. I’ve only been playing for a bit but already hooked for some silly reason. 🙂

site changes …

Just got around to changing a few things around on the site, you might not even notice if your only here to snatch the sad panda picture or just followed the link from Google images. Anyways I hope the few of you stopping by do like the new stuff. I hope to do some more layout changes soon, when I get the time.

Action photo fun

Behold!, action photos of the girls doing what they love to do.

Fat Cat can be seen above with probably her most favorite toy of all, just a string. This provides her hours of entertainment and brings me a bit of joy as well.

In the photo above is one Little Cat, lounging. This is this great crinkle ladybug thing that sounds like a plastic bag when they pay with it. Often times they will fight over who gets to sleep in it. 🙂


Oh my …

Just the creatures being cute … as always. 🙂


Fat Cat being held like a baby.


Little Cat watching birds and just the window I guess.


Princess pants … aka Fat Cat the pants lay-on-er.


A Brief Introduction

These may be some of the strangest creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. They are a bit like dogs trapped in cat bodies. For one cat that would be odd, for both of them is just baffling. Anyways, on to a break down of these fine creatures.

Fat Cat

Alias: fatty, “the good one”, the princess, fatty mcgee


  • laying around
  • laying on laps until legs die
  • hiding under things
  • eating
  • cat nip
  • string, ribbon, yarn
  • the humidifier (when the water gurgles)
  • bags, purses, boxes
  • chewing on dress shoes & expensive purses


  • loud noises
  • other animals of all kinds (even afraid of birds in the window)
  • new people


Little Cat

Alias: little one, broken


  • chewing on everything
  • plants (of any kind)
  • exploring
  • meeting new people that may pet her
  • watching work be done on the laptop
  • crying for attention
  • being brushed
  • licking the window when it steams up


  • not being the center of attention