Time Warner metered plan must be stopped

The other day Time Warner announced that it would be expanding it’s metered billing trial from it’s original victim, Beaumont, Texas. The new “trial” would also target locations that have little to no competition from the bully. These new “test” markets include Austin TX, San Antonio TX, Greensboro NC and Rochester, NY.

The new caps would range in size from 5GB to 40GB, and priced from $22.95 to $54.90 a month. For every GB over the users plan size  they would be charged $1 per GB over. For those of us that use the online service as Time Warner (Road Runner) advertises, users could be quickly going over their caps as they watch their favorite shows on Hulu, or download HD movies from iTunes. Gamers that use services such as Steam could easily go over the cap in an evening downloading games they own to a new computer.

The site dslreports has a great write up on the backlash that Time Warner has gotten so far. I would encourage anyone that comes across this post to visit Drop Time Warner Cable as well as Stop TWC and please do at least one of the things they are encouraging people to do. If Time Warner is able to get away with this it’s going to hurt more then just Time Warner customers. It won’t take long for other ISP’s to jump on board and send us all back to the 1990’s while the rest of the world is moving ahead of us at an increasing pace.

The drive is alive!

So my Lacie external drive (d2 320GB) died on me with the old blinky power supply thing. As this had happened before I thought, ok I’ll just get a new power supply and I’ll be back in business. This of course was not to be, this drive had something much more sinister in mind. It turns out that the power part of the internal board had decided to give up the ghost. So being the geek that I am I took the thing apart.

Disassembly was actually relatively easy. I removed 2 screws (one being under the warranty label) and the inner tray slid right out. I disconnected the power and SATA, and then wrestled it into my cluttered desktop case. Powered the machine up and it was alive! 😀