What’s That? A ChromeOS Laptop you say? SWEET!

So I just had a really great drive home (not) ahead of this so called “super storm” that is on it’s way. This thing has thrown everyone into a panic mode … so basically just another commute. Anyways, when I arrived at home I found a UPS package for me. Now this is odd as I did not remember ordering anything. I grab the package and quickly rush inside to find out who had sent me what … and why!

Well as soon as I opened the box I knew what it was, and my inner geek cried out like a school girl. 🙂 Below is my unboxing.

The laptop box


The box … unboxed

A look inside the box … directions

The laptop itself

bottom of the laptop

laptop battery

battery install and charge directions … on nice recycled paper

battery installed

oops .. it powers up when you open the lid (instant on by the way)

The setup screen

ChromeOS version

After I put my stickers on the cover 🙂

The directions state that you should allow the unit to completely charge the battery before use, so I of course have not used the system yet. Look for an update on usage and what I think coming soon.