RIP Steve

So I was just out at the bar after our kickball game and saw this shocking news. Steve Jobs is dead. It hit me like a tons of bricks. I don’t know why, I never knew him personally. I guess he is just someone I always looked up to. He was a “geek” … THE geek. He had a vision that nobody could match. He took Apple from down and out, to #1 in the world. Pretty impressive to say the least. I don’t care if you loved or hated the guy, you have to respect that he was a visionary. He helped create products that people wanted to buy, that before then they never even knew they wanted.

So long Steve …

Steve Jobs 1955-2011
RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs steps down

I can’t believe it. I knew that he had health problems, but I still cannot believe that he has stepped down. It’s not everyday that the CEO of the largest (in terms of net worth) company in the world steps down. In the letter though it sounded as if he would continue on as a head member of the board, just not run the show.

Over all I don’t think this should really change things all that much for Apple. Steve will still be around, helping, making sure that everything goes as should. He just won’t be in the spotlight on a day to day basis. Though I have not purchased many Apple products as of late, I still recommend them to family as they “just work” and you know your getting a good product. I think the tech world and all us geeks will be sad to see him gone, but wish him the best of luck going forward.


Further reading: NYT – Jobs Steps Down at Apple, Saying He Can’t Meet Duties

What’s That? A ChromeOS Laptop you say? SWEET!

So I just had a really great drive home (not) ahead of this so called “super storm” that is on its way. This thing has thrown everyone into a panic mode … so basically just another commute. Anyways, when I arrived at home I found a UPS package for me. Now, this is odd as I did not remember ordering anything. I grab the package and quickly rush inside to find out who had sent me what … and why!

Well as soon as I opened the box I knew what it was, and my inner geek cried out like a school girl. 🙂 Below is my unboxing.

ChromeOS Laptop Box

The laptop box

ChromeOS Stickers


Box ... Unboxed

The box … unboxed


A look inside the box … directions

ChromeOS Laptop Itself

The laptop itself

Laptop Bottom

bottom of the laptop


laptop battery

Battery Install and Charging Instructions

battery install and charging directions … on nice recycled paper

Battery Installed

battery installed

Instant On When Cover Is Opened

oops .. it powers up when you open the lid (instant on by the way)

Setup Screen

The setup screen

ChromeOS Version

ChromeOS version

Added My Stickers

After I put my stickers on the cover 🙂

The directions state that you should allow the unit to completely charge the battery before use, so I, of course, have not used the system yet. Look for an update on usage and what I think coming soon.

My Cuteness: A Story By Fat Cat

Here is a small group of photos that I believe represent me as a very cute feline domesticus. I of course am a lady, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m probably the cutest thing on four legs you have ever seen — far cuter then my sister [little cat]. Well, let the photo montage commence!